Data Structures
An examination of a range of advanced data structures, with an emphasis on an object-oriented approach. Topics include asymptotic analysis; various binary search trees, including red-black and splay trees; skip lists as alternatives to binary search trees; data structures for multidimensional data such as K-D trees; heaps and priority queues, including binary heaps, binomial heaps, leftist heaps (and/or other mergeable heaps); B-trees for external storage; other commonly used data structures, such as hash tables and disjoint sets. Programming projects in this course will focus on implementation issues for data structures and on empirical analysis of their asymptotic performance.
Grading Basis
Student Option
Lecture - Required
CMSC 341
Academic Group
Engineering & Info Tech
Academic Organization
Comp Sci & Elec Engineering
Enrollment Requirements
You must have completed CMSC 202 and CMSC 203 with a grade of C or better