Computer Science II
This course continues the student's development of programming and problem-solving skills by providing an introduction to object-oriented design and programming (OOP). The primary focus is on OOP principles and techniques, including encapsulation, composition, inheritance, and polymorphism. Other OOP topics such as exception handling, containers, and generic programming are also covered. This is the second course for students interested in pursuing further study in computer science.
Grading Basis
Student Option
Discussion - Required
Lecture - Required
CMSC 202
Academic Group
Engineering & Info Tech
Academic Organization
Comp Sci & Elec Engineering
Enrollment Requirements
You must have completed either CMSC 201 or CMSC 201H and ( MATH150 or MATH 151 or MATH 151H or MATH 152 or MATH 152H) with a C or better or scored a 5 on the LRC MATH placement exam or have concurrent enrollment in MATH 151/151H.