Physical Chemistry for the Biochemical Sciences
This course is designed to familiarize students with the qualitative and quantitative concepts of physical chemistry as they apply to biochemical systems and macromolecules. Approximately one-third of the course will be devoted to topics in thermodynamics, kinetics, and spectroscopy. Topics considered include general equilibrium thermodynamics emphasizing biochemical applications, ligand binding, biological oxidation-reduction reactions, membranes, colligative properties and transport properties, kinetics including elementary rate laws, reaction mechanisms and activated processes, and relaxation and enzyme kinetics, and an introduction to quantum chemistry, electronic structure and bonding, and molecular spectroscopy (including vibrational, electronic and magnetic spectroscopy). The use of modern instrumentation will be discussed throughout the course. (Spring)
Grading Basis
Student Option
Lecture - Required
CHEM 303
Academic Group
Natural & Math Sciences
Academic Organization
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Enrollment Requirements
You must complete CHEM351 and MATH152 with a C or better. PHYS112 or PHYS122 must be completed with a C or better and can be taken concurrently