Modernism (1880-1960)
A survey of turning points in the development of modernism in the visual arts beginning with European movements in the late nineteenth century (e.g. impressionism and post impressionism) and continuing to artistic movements of the first half of the twentieth century (e.g. cubism, German expressionism, Italian futurism, Russian constructivism, dada and surrealism). The course closes with key developments in American modernism (e.g. the Armory show, the Harlem renaissance, social realism, abstract expressionism) including a brief glimpse at pop art. All art historical developments will be considered in their specific sociopolitical and economic contexts. Note: This course is designated as a gateway course for students concentrating in art history and museum studies and must be passed with a grade of "B" or better.
Grading Basis
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Lecture - Required
ART 323
Academic Group
Coll Arts Humanities & Soc Sci
Academic Organization
Visual Arts
Enrollment Requirements
You must have completed ART 216 or ART 221 with a grade of C or better.