MUSC 100
Introduction to Music
MUSC 100
Principles of Music
MUSC 101
Fundamentals of Music Theory
MUSC 102
Advanced Music Fundamentals
MUSC 110
Musicianship Laboratory I
MUSC 111
Musicianship Laboratory II
MUSC 112
Music Repertoire
MUSC 115
Jazz Improvisation and Theory Workshop I
MUSC 116
Jazz Improvisation and Theory Workshop II
MUSC 122
Gospel Choir
MUSC 125
Theory I: Basics of Music
MUSC 126
Theory II: Form and Analysis
MUSC 161
Diction: International phonetic alphabet/English/Italian
MUSC 162
Diction: French
MUSC 163
Diction: German
MUSC 170
Beginning Voice Class
MUSC 171
Intermediate Voice Class
MUSC 173
Introduction to Choral Singing
MUSC 174
Beginning Vocal Methods
MUSC 175
Intermediate Vocal Methods
MUSC 176
Keyboard Skills I
MUSC 177
Keyboard Skills II
MUSC 178
Keyboard Skills III
MUSC 179
Keyboard Skills IV
MUSC 182
String Methods: Violin and Viola
MUSC 183
String Methods: Cello and Bass
MUSC 184
Woodwind Methods: Clarinet & Saxophone
MUSC 185
Woodwind Methods: Flute and Oboe
MUSC 186
Beginning Brass Methods
MUSC 187
Intermediate Brass Methods
MUSC 188
Percussion Methods
MUSC 189
Guitar Methods
MUSC 190
Private Lessons for Non-Music Majors
MUSC 191
Recital Preparation
MUSC 193
Private Lessons for Music Majors (3 credits)
MUSC 194
Private Lessons for Music Majors (2 credits)
MUSC 210
Musicianship Laboratory III
MUSC 211
Musicianship Laboratory IV
MUSC 214
The History of Jazz: Origins-Present
MUSC 215
Introduction to Black Music
MUSC 217
Rock and Related Music: 1950-Present
MUSC 218
Recording Techniques
MUSC 219
Introduction to Digital Audio Workstations
MUSC 221
Jazz Theory and Aural Skills
MUSC 222
Jazz Arranging
MUSC 223
Jazz Composition
MUSC 224
MUSC 225
Theory III: Counterpoint
MUSC 226
Theory IV: Music Writing
MUSC 227
Theory V: Post-Tonal Analysis
MUSC 230
Musics of the World
MUSC 252
Music in Wartime
MUSC 261
Teaching Choral Singing
MUSC 300
Performance Studies Workshop
MUSC 301
UMBC Chamber Players
MUSC 303
UMBC Camerata--Chamber Choir
UMBC Camerata--Chamber Choir
MUSC 304
UMBC Jubilee Singers
MUSC 305
UMBC Symphony Orchestra
UMBC Symphony Orchestra
MUSC 306
Improvisation Ensemble
MUSC 307
Small Ensemble
MUSC 308
UMBC Wind Ensemble
MUSC 309
UMBC New Music Ensemble
MUSC 310
Beginning Gamelan
MUSC 311
Free Composition
MUSC 312
MUSC 313
Advanced Gamelan
MUSC 318
Digital Audio Processing
MUSC 319
Advanced Topics in Music Technology
MUSC 320
UMBC Jazz Ensemble
MUSC 321
Music History I
MUSC 322
Music History II
MUSC 323
Career Development for Musicians
MUSC 324
Small Ensemble Jazz Group
MUSC 328
Music and the Mind
MUSC 333
Race and Jazz
MUSC 336
The Beatles: Career, Music, Culture, Innovation, Impact
MUSC 338
Survey of Jazz
MUSC 339
Black American Music
MUSC 358
Music In Performance
MUSC 360
Seminar in K-12 Choral Methods
MUSC 361
Seminar in K-12 Instrumental Methods
MUSC 362
Arts in Education
MUSC 366
Vocal Pedagogy
MUSC 367
Instrumental Pedagogy
MUSC 375
Selected Topics in Music
MUSC 380
Introduction to Conducting
MUSC 385
Intermediate Conducting
MUSC 390
Advanced Private Lessons for Music Majors
MUSC 391
Advanced Private Lessons for Music Majors - Junior Recital
MUSC 392
Advanced Private Lessons for Music Majors - Senior Recital
MUSC 400
Special Projects
MUSC 401
Special Projects in Composition
MUSC 416
Analog Recording Perspectives
MUSC 417
Surround Sound and Video Concepts
MUSC 418
Music Technology Internship
MUSC 419
MIDI Technology in the Recording Studio
MUSC 427
Electronic Music I
MUSC 480
Topics in Music, Art and Society
MUSC 492
Senior Project