IS 101
Introduction to Computer Based Systems
IS 101H
Introduction to Computer Based System
IS 101Y
Introduction to Computer Based Systems
IS 125
Information Systems Logic and Structured Design
IS 147
Introduction to Computer Programming
IS 199
Service-Learning and Information Systems
IS 202
Systems Analysis Methods
IS 246
Topics in Programming Languages and Tools
IS 247
Computer Programming II
IS 295
Intermediate Business Applications
IS 296
Foundations of Data Science
IS 298
Special Topics in Information Systems
IS 300
Management Information Systems
IS 300H
Management Information Systems
IS 303
Fundamentals of Human-Computer Interaction
IS 304
Ethical Issues in Information Systems
IS 310
Software and Hardware Concepts
IS 317
Accounting Information Systems
IS 320
Advanced Business Applications
IS 325
Introduction to Management Science
IS 350
Business Communications Systems
IS 352
Women, Gender, and Information Technology
IS 361
Technology for Management of Aging Services
IS 369
Research Seminar: Writings In Information Systems
IS 387
Information Architecture for the Web
IS 397
Health IT Internship
IS 399
Cooperative Education in Information Systems Management
IS 400
Individual Study in Information Systems
IS 403
User Interface Design
IS 410
Introduction to Database Design
IS 413
GUI Systems Using JAVA
IS 417
Information Systems for Auditors
IS 420
Database Application Development
IS 425
Decision Support Systems
IS 427
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Concepts and Applications
IS 428
Data Mining Techniques and Applications
IS 430
Information Systems and Security
IS 432
Computer Viruses
IS 434
The Evolution of Modern Information Systems
IS 436
Structured Systems Analysis and Design
IS 437
Applied Systems Design
IS 438
Project Management
IS 440
Integrating Technology into Business Processes
IS 448
Markup and Scripting Languages
IS 450
Data Communications and Networks
IS 451
Network Design and Management
IS 451M
LAN Management Using Microsoft
IS 451U
LAN Management Using Unix
IS 452
IS 454
Survey of Telecommunications
IS 456
Telecommunications Policy
IS 460
Health Care Informatics I
IS 461
Health Care Informatics II
IS 464
Software Testing
IS 464
IS 467
Health IT Project
IS 469
Senior Project in Information Systems
IS 470
Software Testing
IS 471
Data Analytics for Cybersecurity
IS 472
Software Security
IS 474
Legal Aspects of Information Systems
IS 478
Cybersecurity Internship
IS 479
Cybersecurity Project
IS 480
Information Visualization
IS 496
Business Analytics
IS 498
Special Topics in Information Systems