Introductory Physics I
Six Week - First
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4 units
This course emphasizes classical mechanics. Topics include force, particle kinematics and dynamics, equilibrium, Newton's laws of motion and gravitation, rotational motion, collisions, momentum, energy and conservation laws. (Fall/Spring) Note: This course may be subject to a Course Materials Charge. The charge may vary by semester, depending on the course materials required. The Course Materials Initiative (CMI) was established to provide students with more affordable course materials, enhance the students' experience on a common digital platform via Blackboard, and position UMBC to be ahead of the curve with digital content. More information is available at UMBC Bookstore's website.
Enrollment Requirements
You must complete MATH 151 or MATH 151H with a "C" or higher or be concurrently enrolled in MATH 151 or MATH 151H.
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Course Materials Charge = $78.50
Science (non-lab) (GEP)
Science (non-lab) (GFR)
Students in this class are expected to have reliable access to WiFi, as well as a computer with microphone and webcam.*** This course provides supplemental instruction through PASS - Peer-Assisted Study Sessions. A PASS student facilitator will arrange regular informal group sessions outside of class to review course material, share study skills and help prepare for tests. PASS is free for students and attendance is voluntary. For more information, see *** This course is part of the UMBC Course Materials Initiative in which reduced pricing was negotiated directly with the publisher for all students enrolling in this course. The course materials are provided in a common digital platform to all students; a maximum course materials charge of $78.50 will be included on all students' tuition bills for these materials (so students are not to buy these materials from any other source). The digital textbook and any online ancillary materials associated with your instructor-selected text are accessed directly via Blackboard. [Please note that your instructor may have additional materials required for your course that are not included in this Initiative, but which will be available in the UMBC Bookstore.] The Bookstore has a policy for this initiative inclusive of recent federal legislation; this policy provides details on this initiative inclusive of students' options and is available at: ***This is a synchronous online course. Students are expected to attend class online during the days/times listed in the meeting pattern. It requires reliable internet access and computer literacy; and the ability to self-manage independent learning assignments according to deadlines. In place of classroom activities, online work may include independent mastery assignments, discussion boards, videos with quizzes, writing assignments, and other active learning experiences. Students are responsible for completing these online learning experiences by the specified deadlines and in accordance with instructor requirements.
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Lili Cui
MoWeFr 9:30am - 11:45am
06/01/2021 - 07/09/2021
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Main Campus
Univ of MD, Baltimore County
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