Urban Anthropology
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An anthropological analysis of the phenomenon of urbanism, stressing the impact of city life on social organization and culture throughout the world. Cities will be analyzed from a holistic perspective detailing the evolution and organization of non-Western cities, the impact of urban values on Third World populations and the culture of specialized urban communities - squatter settlements, skid rows, ghettos, ethnic enclaves.
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You must complete SOCY 101 or ANTH 211 with a "C" or higher.
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Social Sciences (GEP)
Social Sciences (GFR)
PREREQUISITE WAIVER: This course is open to all majors. Prior SOCY or ANTH course prerequisite requirements will be waived for this class. For a waiver please contact Amy Barnes at amyb@umbc.edu. *** Students enrolled in this class will have opportunity to practice ethnographic fieldwork in Baltimore City focused on social justice. This class will provide excellent opportunity for community engaged anthropology and include work in Baltimore city neighborhoods, invite guest speakers, and visit city organizations and agencies addressing social and environmental justice. With focus on social justice, class will examine the role of urban public art and gardens in West and East Baltimore and Hampden, housing opportunities provided by Habitat for Humanities, community health center Marian House, urban environmental agency Biohabitats and the role of community food bank and garden in East Baltimore provided by Massing Grace Lutheran Church. Urban Anthropology is one of the major subfields of modern Anthropology. The goal of this course is to provide a broad perspective of human life in urban context through cross-cultural comparisons of topics such as social justice, environment, language, race and ethnicity, economics, gender, politics, ritual, art, and religion. In this class students will have the opportunity to learn about the history of anthropological research in urban centers and current issues in the anthropology of cities. The class will examine various anthropological approaches to understanding human behavior, and highlights insights to other cultures as well to our own culture. Class readings and discussions will include topics of health, urban social subgroups, communities, education, environment, art and media. Students will learn how anthropological urban theories and methods developed over time in relation to urban sociology and philosophy, research skills, and how to present ideas effectively as a speaker and writer in a social science format. Classes will be held at the Lion Brothers Building: 875 Hollins St., Baltimore, MD 21201. *** TRANSPORTATION *** By public transportation: The Lion Brothers Building is accessible from campus by UMBC's Downtown Shuttle line, local bus lines, as well as the Charm City Circulator. *** By car: There is street parking (free and metered) along the residential roads around the Lion Brothers Building. Students may also park on the UMBC campus (with valid parking permit) and ride the Downtown Shuttle. ***
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Jana Rehak
05/30/2017 - 06/23/2017
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Lion Bros Building
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